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The Business Whisperer

Cracking The Code That Unlocks Your Business Growth

Just as a Horse Whisperer is able to tame wild horses with almost mystical talents based on observing the animal's behaviour, I can study your business and detect the patterns in your finances that point to improved success and profitability.

What I can do for you


Identify the principal patterns for growth that are inherent within your business model


Specify the key actions for you to take to realise that growth


Review their success with you over time


Tweak them to deliver the best possible outcome

TL;DR: It is a bit like consultancy, but without the huge bills and waffly reports that state the bleedin' obvious...

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Last month I went to a talk my coach was giving on the subject of annual goals, "New Year Resolutions" and his favourite, DAREs. Paraphrasing...

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Taking Stock

I've been busy over the last month or so, clocking up the hours, taking on or declining clients as they roll in, maintaining the existing...

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Do You Want or Need?

I went and saw my coach yesterday. It was quite a long session; life has been a bit of a muddle recently, and we covered...

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Here's what existing clients have to say about Terry Peers, the Business Whisperer. Some of the feedback is so nice, it made Cuthbert's ears burn!